Why choose KOVA Hygiene?

KOVA Hygiene has established a reputation in the cleaning services industry for our customised approach and industry knowhow. Delivering with the highest standards the company has steadily increased its number of clients since our launch.

Our key strengths lie in human resources management, training, service delivery and our personalised customer approach. Decision-making is quicker due to the inherent flexibility of our management team.

We also have a unique culture whereby our staff are regarded as stake holders and believe in their development beyond that of the cleaning industry; we engage our staff by:

  • Complying with all labour laws and practices
  • Providing permanent and sustainable employment for our employees
  • Providing funeral and provident fund benefits for our employees

We have combined this understanding of our human capital with strong operational performance. This includes:

Using the best equipment and training available, ensuring that operating and safety procedures are implemented and that high quality cleaning products are provided.