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Pests’ favorite time of the year…


We are coming closer to hot and humid months when ant and roach populations start to multiply.

As the weather becomes warmer, more people become afflicted with pest control problems in their homes and experience high levels of anxiety, stress and embarrassment.

As much a part of spring and summer as barbecues, ants begin to move indoors in search of food as the weather gets warmer.

Although ants have replaced cockroaches as one of the most difficult structural pests to control, it is important to try to preventative measures to avoid infestation:

  • Clean up spills, crumbs and other food scraps immediately as they will attract cockroaches into your home.
  • Wash dishes immediately. Do not leave dirty dishes overnight. Also ensure that you rinse the sink out when you are finished.
  • Make sure all food items, including pet food, are sealed properly.
  • Take out the trash regularly.
  • Clean out cabinets, pantries and other food storage areas.
  • Move and clean behind the refrigerator, stove and other appliances regularly.
  • Vacuum carpeting regularly to pick-up dropped food crumbs that could attract ants and roaches.
  • Remove leaf piles from around your property to avoid giving insects a place to build their nests and colonies.

Cockroaches are yet another pest that thrives in the warm, summer heat.

Cockroaches like to nest close to their food source and are usually found living in kitchen (under stove and refrigerators) and bathroom areas.

They are not easily seen during daylight unless populations become very large.ย  Make every effort to control this pest that is known to spread disease and dangerous bacteria.

Do not allow the infestation to spread, contact us so that we can professionally solve the problem.

We at KOVA Pest Control believe that there is not a โ€œone size fits allโ€ solution when it comes to pest control. As soon as you contact us we begin to tailor your pest control solution for your particular need.

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